As a terrestrial operator in East Africa, Eagle Logistics ensures that freight forwarding (managing administrative, legal, financial and customs matters) is synchronized with the physical movement of goods (managing the modes and means of transport).

The perfect sequencing of these numerous and various steps smoothens the passage of goods and provides the most information and security in restrictive environments. 

  1. Corridors Operator
  2.  Customs Clearance
  3.  Land, Maritime and Air Transit
  4.  Multi-modal transport, total control
  5.  Associated services
  6.  Tailor Made Solutions
  7.  Import Logistics Process Flows
  8.  Inland Container Depot
  9.  Bill of Lading
  10.  Warehousing/Storage
  11.  Consolidation
  12.  Packing and Delivery parcels
  13.  Railways
  14. Trucking