while service to our customers is critical to ELSL's business. Service to community is a critical aspect of the company's culture. We have over the years had outstanding participation from the MTN Marathon Executive Christain Outreach which are geared to giving back to Society.These efforts are not only good for the community, but they are good for the business as well because they act as good team building exercises and to demonstrate the company's family values commitment.

Part of the company's team building efforts is also represented in the kinds of people it seeks to hire."Business and industry is about serving our customers and providing the best product," says Lisowski, "and in order to do that we have to have the best people out there. We treat the customer and our employees the way we would want to be treated."

Asked about the company's hiring practices, he says they really don't do anything all that different from any other company. "We are always looking for the best person," he says. "Treat people well. Be open, honest, fair, and equitable and have empathy for your employees."