Eagle Logistics is approved by the Uganda Revenue Authority under the East African Community, Customs Management Act, to represent our clients with respect to handling and completing any/all customs formalities. this full range of services enable us to 'grease the wheels' of the supply chain management processes for our clients by ensuring their cargo is available on time.

We deal with the handling of cargo in and across sister countries through customs registered points, an internal clearance where paying of taxes is involved and have legal trade across.

This involves management of  the movements of cargo from one point to another point through a registered point, with documentation, transportation & verification involved.

  1.  Defining the tariff classification of the goods
  2.  Setting up economic customs regimes to meet operators’ requirements (temporary suspension of direct duties and taxes, early granting of export benefits, bonded warehousing, etc.)
  3.  Home or simplified customs clearance procedures, emergency procedures, etc.
  4.  Advice regarding regulations and procedures